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By working with the Bristol University team, led by Professor Marcus Munafo, Horizon Mind is accessing work class research facilities when designing, building & testing solutions.

Payman Saebi
Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of commercial experience launching and managing products, services and businesses for Unilever, BT, RBS & Royal Mail, Payman is able to provide the vision and strategy for the business and drive the execution working with the rest of the team.

Chief Medical Officer

Having worked for both NHS Foundation Trusts and McKinseys, Saj is able to create a strategic overview of how we can transplant health sector learnings into our digital self help and online chat solutions, identifying what data to capture and how this can be used.

Chief Development Officer

David’s 20 years in organisational and leadership development work in both UK and Asia, alongside his doctorate in leadership development from Surrey University helps set some of the cornerstones upon which we build customer interventions.

Chief Learning Officer

Rachel’s research work with Roffey Park on organisational development, based on her 20 years at American Express, Mercedes Benz, Whitbread and other organisations has formed the foundations of our approach to research and physical interventions.

Head of Resilience

With a psychology background and follow on work with Bangor University in relation to MBSR & MBCT, Liz is able to bring health sector learnings into the self help element in order to help employees build their emotional and cognitive skills.

Head of Coaching

Claire’s expertise as a cognitive behaviour therapist and applied psychologist in the NHS enables us to transfer evidence based practice from the health sector to design and support the Horizon Mind chat based coaching solution.

Chief Technology Officer

Matt has been designing and building software for over 20 years. His experience with both government and in the private sector spans most aspects of successful software development from web interfaces to high-performance distributed systems. He will be responsible for ensuring a secure, reliable and well-integrated platform for both our customers and our therapists.

Design Director

Working for Lucasfilm and lecturing at Digipen Institute of Technology as a digital artist means that our digital platform takes on the latest user experience and interface learnings on board from across industries.

David Hanson
Script Writer

David is the master of the word – a BAFTA award winning script writer and script editor – who heads up Regent University’s school of film, media and performance, bringing life to the words that we use across our digital platform.

Scott Ainslee
Voice Over

Scott is the voice who brings the Horizon Mind content to life. An actor who specialises in engaging the attention of anyone who uses our digital solution.